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Friday, July 15th, 2005
11:04 pm

Ok, so I never really posted anything in here. But I do post some stuff in my LJ if anyone wants to read it/add me/comment or w/e, so sorry about never updating && I'm leaving the community.

See all of you sometime or another.


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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
6:52 pm - AHHH!

no1 has written in here in the longest time...I think its time I do

Today in gym we ran that 3 mile thing..it was 90 degrees outside but the humidity made it 105!!!!AND WE WERE RUNNING THREE MILES IN LESS THAN 35 MINUTES!
Yea they gave us water wenver we needed it..but it wasnt enough
I overheated and felt really sick and threw up a little in my mouth...i cud hardly breathe...my head still hurts..
You dont make people go from an air conditioned school to running in 105 degree weather...
at my moms work today someone passed out outside for the same reason..she was inside all day and than went outside for a walk and passed out from the heat
If someone would have passed out....
I hate them
all of them
they are so stupid..what happened to the well-being of your students!!!!Um obviously you dont care if ur gunna make them run in 105 degree weather!


current mood: angry

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
4:02 pm
final_dream How can you be interested in Slipknot, AFI, Anti-posers and metal?

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
11:50 pm


God damnit! I think i've lost you!Collapse )

current mood: blah

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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
5:24 pm

the topic softball has been in my life since i was what um 5 years old and to this day its still there....so its been there for 9years now and if u lived with my dad you'd probly wish softball died or something! i've played travel since i was 9[5years] and when you play travel you live and breath softball NO SUMMERS+NO WEEKENDS= NO LIFE!! and i can't take it anymore thats why i quit travel and besides i'm not that good at it anymore or maybe its just cause i dont feel like working at it anymore to get good.....

high school softball is so gay and i think i would quit if it wasn't for the core4 and um my parents would kill me if i did!!!.......my coach i wanna kill right now i mean hes cool and soo funny you know but when it comes to coach i just wann kill him
I SAM HUMMER PLAY FIRST BASE AND CENTER FEILD!OK....i'm beast at both ok and since i'm the only left handed on the team u'd think i'd be at first BUT NOOOOO!i'm in center which i dont care cause when we play in districts thats where all the action will be u no......but i dont like it when COACH ASK SOME GIRL IF SHES EVER PLAYED 1ST BEFORE....IF U DONT KNOW NOW THEN HE SHE CANT PLAY IT!HALF OF THEM DONT NO WAT TO DO AND I DOOO!!!god damnit .it makes me sooooooo mad....

thnxs loves cya--gotta love them sports huh

current mood: busy

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
8:36 pm - Promo


promotionCollapse )

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9:44 am

new person. if you don't already know me, my name is keely. i live in new york. i moved from virginia in june after 7th grade. yea, i used to go to seneca ridge. in my opinion, i was a freakin loser then so the less you knew of me, the better. i know amanda knew me in 6th grade because we were in gym together and shared a locker, ha.. man how do i remember that? well, i guess 6th grade was a better year.. i was just a shy little fruitcake then. and erin knew me in seventh when i was a loser in art with mackenzie. next year i'm moving back to virginia and i'll be at dominion with all you people until college. let's hope i dont move again..

although you won't know the people i'm going to bitch about in here, i'm going to anyways.

i'll post later :D

current mood: cynical

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
8:46 am - my dumb coach

ok I made the JV soccer team and everything..I really like it so far..but see Im also on a travel team outside of school..
Yesterday I had high school practice at 12-2..THan I had a soccer game from 6:15-7

After the game our coach was like bitching at us majorly..He said we needed 2 come 2 more practices..ONLY 2 WEEKS TILL TOURNAMENT LADIES! Thursday practice is manditory...hey GENIOUS people that made DHS soccer wont be there we have a scrimmage.........

Hes so stupid...he duznt understand that we have high school soccer which is more important than his team..he also duznt understand that we have loads of homework to do...

Soccer is NOT my life...On thursdays I will have to go to 2 practices...um yea where do I have time to do homework there...nowhere

now on the topic of homework..why are we getting so much lately..
I have a history paper(5 pgs.),a health paper(2 pgs.), I always have a crap load of english stuff, a science project, ANOTHER history project, a science test, a history test, and a math test......

we arent in f'ing college......I dont have all the time in the world to do all that stupid crap they assign..but if I dont do it my grade goes down n than I cudnt play soccer ne more...

I hate school with a passion

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
10:00 pm


ah i am pretty pissed i wrote this loong vent it had like 4points to it it was beautiful i need to update and you know wat THE GAY LAPTOP WOULDN'T LET ME UPLOAD IT WAS LIKE ACCESS DENIAL!!WATTTTT NOOO LET ME UPDATE DAMN YOU!!....ahh i was like freakin out on mr.b i was going crazy!!!look at wat this stuff does 2me when i can't post i freak out i need it ahh i need to let it out


ah i'll try again monday

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
12:30 pm - ahhhhhh

ok alex is getting on my nerves.hes always like Tegan this and Tegan that! ok not long ago he was like gah shes getting on my nerves soooo much!

I hate wen people obsess over who they are going out with it seriously 1.freaks me out and 2. gets on my nerves

OK u arent going to marry her ur in 9th grade idiot!!!! SHUT UP ABOUT HER!!!!
i mean in his last entry his mood was ' i wish i was with tegan' and he also randomly wrote tegan u need to comment on my lj ...shut up

i dont like him much ne more
hes 2 gay for me 2 be frends with him

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11:18 am

its been along time and i need it.....

1. my cousin got introuble for her xgana n shit n now my mom is like being all noise but u no wat i don't really care anymore i'm like mom go ahead read it get into my life and i'll hate u 4ever!n shes like sam i wouldn't, i'm like oook we'll see!!don't think i wouldn't find out!AH MY PARENTS ARE GETTIN ON MY NERVES!there becoming soo protective. look-now whenever i go out like say i go 2emma's house i have 2call my mom if i walk down the street to meet jordan and call when i get back WTF i'm not 5 my own sister doesn't have to do that!!!!!!that is messed up!ahhh my sister gets away w/like murder!

2. i need new friends all my friends do all day is pick on me n shit and i don't care anymore if its JOKINGLY!!it hurts ok i'm not saying names cuase everyone like does it but ok come on maybe one day ppl couldnt not make me feel like shit bout my boyd,clothes,how i look,how i act something!i mean if u really don't like me then dont' talk 2me ok!and u would feel the same way if it happened to u,like ur "friends"just constantly picking on u even when they say they dont mean it after u've heard it time after time after time from numberious people it starts to get to u!ok done

3. softball i hope will be good,if i'm not on varsity i'm going to laugh in tully's face on how STUPIED HE IS!i'm serious i'm not trying to sounds like idk the best one or w/e but i'm one of the best at the tryouts...not many girls came to the tryouts ok n have actually played travel softball be4 so ya idk it will be interesting to see wat team i made.......

4. BOY ahh there making me life messed up.....first i have one good but i'm a lil attacked then a fight so i bak off n he hates me for my lie[and I AM SORRY!],second i had this one like a long time ago well i think i did i wanted him a long time ago n then i thougth a friend was guna try n take him from me but w/e look how that went ok n then were make to our old selves but it was just like a one time remember the past kinda thing,third this guy is making me CONFUSED first he says were done then me n him are back to square one and then just friends and now look wat happened the other day AHH I'M SOO CONFUSED WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME!!...............but now i have my first one as my friend again and i'm REALLLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!heheh ok

ok i'm done sorry that was kinda a gay vent but i need it

p.s. sry i didn't use names 4 the boys i just couldn't..love ya

current mood: sore

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
9:00 pm

I havent updated on here in a while, so I guess I will.

Hmm....what has been getting on my nerves lately....


Ok, its ok for the teachers to give us projects and its ok for us to have tests, but do they all have to have them due or on the same day!? I mean seriously. I have like 3 tests and 2 projects due in this week alone. Last week I had like 4 projects due. I hate it how they think that their class is the only one that we have!

And then lacrosse tryouts....some of the people are starting to piss me off. Especially the assistant coach. Ok but first, all these sophmores who think that they are better than everyone. This one girl is always like "ew freshman" and "freshman..go get whatever coach wants picked up" and Im just like..ok, you were only a freshman last year and all ready she thinks she can boss us around. Hello! Its called a TEAM effort. Not a freshman effort. Yeah then the freaking assistant coach is so annoying. She expects us to know everything already and when we dont she gets all pissed and then starts talking to us like we're stupid. Then when I was leaving the locker room with people to go out to kellys car to go home, I passed her and she was all like "you need to take your cleats off in the building" and I was like, what, 2 steps away from the door? So I was just like uhm yeah...and kept walking. Then she turns to the coach and goes "Oh yeah that one, Erin, blah blah" I think something about how I have an attitude. Whatever. I was saying next time when we do shooting drills Im gonna turn and peg the ball at her head and claim that I thought it was the goal. Although if I do hit her hard enough she could get knocked out and then I wouldnt make the team....oh well at least I would be content.

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
8:10 pm - omg!

1st off im happy some1 that we dont know joined! woooooooo

2nd im tired of kellys stupid crap..she acts like shes so much better than everyone else.stupid pale crap

ag im getting fed up with my math teacher shes being such a bitch..she actually gave us homework wen she knew half of us were going on a trip over the weekend and would have no time for it. she even counted it and said " u shud have brought it on the bus' ok bitch Hartmetz said we shudnt bring our work!

im so tired of school i need a break

the girls at soccer tryouts are stupid preppy bitches except a few

i hate school

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5:58 pm - `ello

Hello, new person here. I guess you will be reading alot of my rants/vents. Most of the time it`s about stupid, pointless shit. Other times I just need to scream & shout my head off. So..nice to meet you all & I`ll post later. Bye

current mood: calm

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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
9:51 am - no1s posted in a while...so I will!

Crutches...the new fad..

If u break a leg..u use crutches..

If u pull a muscle..u walk it off and stretch it out..

Kelly Blackburn is one of those freaks who craves attention from everyone..so she was on crutches yesterday tryin 2 get camerons attention...pah

She pulled a muscle and cudnt walk! I watched her walk perfectly fine!

Now that she tightened her muscle up more, she will suck anus at her dance recital...ha i laugh at her and all her paleness

I hope she dies and saves me the trouble of killing her...

She is so annoying/ugly/stupid/pale...

Her face is like a pig and so fat and shes pale..plus! she wears pale clothes!!!!pale on pale... go die
i seriously hate her...seriously..shes annoying/her breath smells/her voice is stupid/shes pale/shes pretty flat/her butt is stupid/shes just her

and I hope she dies soon and we will all rejoice..happily...very happily

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Friday, February 4th, 2005
7:49 am - Religion

We started learning about Christianity in history
Everything was going fine we were learning aobut the history of it and the lunch bell rang
kelly blackburn,allyson t.,kathrine h.,and alyssa started getting pretty angry...
Kelly told devon she was going 2 hell heres their convo:
Kelly:Your going to hell
Devon:I cant go 2 some place I dont believe in
Kelly:Oh bullshit *you cant go 2 someplace u dont believe in*-in a making fun of voice
Kelly needs 2 not yell at people for what they believe just cuz they dont believe what she does...
Im pretty sure I heard her say atheists were going 2 hell..u cant tell an atheist they are going 2 heaven/hell cuz they dont believe...
Just becuz som1 duznt have the same view on religion as u doesnt mean u have 2 get all bitchy about it..
Kelly said some rude comments so Andrew said 'If jesus was a god why did he die'..(hes Jewish) and kelly got really mad about that
also she got mad at Cameron for saying sumtin but I forget wut it was
she needs 2 give up on trying 2 tell people their beliefs are wrong
I dont see her going up 2 a Hindu and saying UR GOING 2 HELL or something like along the lines of Christian beliefs....

If u were wondering im Agnostic/atheist I dont think we have proof of god/dont believe he is there at all...I am see-sawing between the two different types of non-believing...

but i think if i wuda said 'satan is my god' at lunch they wuda gone INSANE!!!!oh it wud have been funny

current mood: 2 hr delay!

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
5:19 pm - i think i have a problem with being overly stressed!

still this freaking teachers not here is pissing me off.the 2nd semester feels like a new school year cause i haven't really done any work other then in history cause mr.hick's sucks n all he does it teach horribly!!grri hate him and mr.bauer is gay and that class[health]make me stressful cause of the thing we take of and it just pissses me off cause they don't no anythign!and i needed to vent in this during health but noo wehad to take a quiz and then i was guna when i got home but i was sooo out of it i couldn't.but ah people just piss me off soo much sometimes. and sometimes i just need to have a freaking SFAA!!i just lets it alll out. and i hated it when my like big brother figure was being soo mean to me and of course i listened to him and all the mean stuff he said to me.even thou i shouldn't of i just made me cry like off and on the rest of the day. grrrr but ah peace out i cant do this i need to move on.

current mood: cranky

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
6:47 pm - ugggghhgrrr


ok today i was so pissed off at myself...i wanted to scream. i am sooo incredibly stupid, i dont get/understand any of my classes...- omfg w/h, and geometry freakin PISS ME OFF!! WHY CANT I UNDERSTAND IT??????it should be easy- last yr came so easy to me.. i kno its my freshman yr but honestly, i came in the first day thinking im gonna get straight a's..FUCK NO>>>the only class i understand is SPANISH and i STILL dont have an A cus i make stupid mistakes (like accent marks, spelling) but i UNDERSTAND that class, its not even in my language...!! uggggghhh honestly soo many ppl are smarter than me like marcus; he always asks questions and answers really really hard questions in history good. ugghh and everybody in history today SAID they didnt kno the info when they really did and im the moron who didnt kno alexander the great spread hellenistic culture....OUR EXAM ESSAY WAS ON THAT!! grrr im so p-oed i hate myself i cant belive how stupid i am.

i will NEVER be as good as my older sis shes freakin smart as anything and wins all these awards and my mom just loves her for her brilliance; oh fuck. even my lil sis is smarter, and its so obvious, my mom acknowldeges them both. and i kno there just kidding, but both of em always say im the stupid one and im a blonde and get pissed off because "im so stuiped"

fuck them i hate how ppl say asians are smart...freakn stereotype- I USED TO BE SMART


freakin freakin freakin freakin pissed off


oh yea , also pissed off cus SUM FREAKN ASSHOLE keeps talkin bout me and sayin shit and also being near my locker area in the morning is so annoying i wish that person would stop talking to my friends cus then that person is ALWAYS there- DIE DIE DIE STAB STAB STAB i fuckin HAAAAAAAATE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111


and im NOT kidding i really really do, and yea, i kno hate IS a strong word



but then my day turned out to be better....english always cheers me up since alyssa and kristen and bekki are there and nice to me..alyssa...omfg that girl is INSANE!! hahhahha shes soo funny, especially when you need it most

hmm yea i think thats about it, and woot i did all my hw (gonna do w/h soon) already and wow its only 7 -im soo good.

current mood: blank

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12:56 pm - school+teacher=anger

ahh ok vent time. god whats with all the teachers beging gone. i mean do they really excpect us to learn anything when there not even her to teach us whats going on.but ya whats there guna come back and then like randomly there guna be like ok quiz when we didn't even learn anything to have a quiz! it makes me sooooo pissed off. my spanish teacher did htat alot and i think thats the main reason she quit so ya.but i mean if i'm guna have to be here we should have a teachers ok not a sub that doesn't no whats going on.its not the subs fault its the teachers fault ok i'm guna stop coming to school if this bullshit keeps ok.sry had to get that out

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Monday, January 31st, 2005
10:34 pm - Valentines Day

Ok, me personally, I hate Valentines Day. Probably because I dont have boyfriends... whatever.

But seriously. I think its a holidy made up by Halmark just so they can sell more greeting card and so it can make the lonely people, feel even more lonely then they already are.

Apparently its supposed to be after some dude named St. Valentine. Does anyone know who he is? No. Does anyone know what he did? Didnt think so.

If he did something of that great importance that he got a day named after him, I think we should get the day off school. It is after all a national holiday.

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