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ok today i was so pissed off at myself...i wanted to scream. i am sooo incredibly stupid, i dont get/understand any of my classes...- omfg w/h, and geometry freakin PISS ME OFF!! WHY CANT I UNDERSTAND IT??????it should be easy- last yr came so easy to me.. i kno its my freshman yr but honestly, i came in the first day thinking im gonna get straight a's..FUCK NO>>>the only class i understand is SPANISH and i STILL dont have an A cus i make stupid mistakes (like accent marks, spelling) but i UNDERSTAND that class, its not even in my language...!! uggggghhh honestly soo many ppl are smarter than me like marcus; he always asks questions and answers really really hard questions in history good. ugghh and everybody in history today SAID they didnt kno the info when they really did and im the moron who didnt kno alexander the great spread hellenistic culture....OUR EXAM ESSAY WAS ON THAT!! grrr im so p-oed i hate myself i cant belive how stupid i am.

i will NEVER be as good as my older sis shes freakin smart as anything and wins all these awards and my mom just loves her for her brilliance; oh fuck. even my lil sis is smarter, and its so obvious, my mom acknowldeges them both. and i kno there just kidding, but both of em always say im the stupid one and im a blonde and get pissed off because "im so stuiped"

fuck them i hate how ppl say asians are smart...freakn stereotype- I USED TO BE SMART


freakin freakin freakin freakin pissed off


oh yea , also pissed off cus SUM FREAKN ASSHOLE keeps talkin bout me and sayin shit and also being near my locker area in the morning is so annoying i wish that person would stop talking to my friends cus then that person is ALWAYS there- DIE DIE DIE STAB STAB STAB i fuckin HAAAAAAAATE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111


and im NOT kidding i really really do, and yea, i kno hate IS a strong word



but then my day turned out to be better....english always cheers me up since alyssa and kristen and bekki are there and nice to me..alyssa...omfg that girl is INSANE!! hahhahha shes soo funny, especially when you need it most

hmm yea i think thats about it, and woot i did all my hw (gonna do w/h soon) already and wow its only 7 -im soo good.

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