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i think i have a problem with being overly stressed!

still this freaking teachers not here is pissing me off.the 2nd semester feels like a new school year cause i haven't really done any work other then in history cause mr.hick's sucks n all he does it teach horribly!!grri hate him and mr.bauer is gay and that class[health]make me stressful cause of the thing we take of and it just pissses me off cause they don't no anythign!and i needed to vent in this during health but noo wehad to take a quiz and then i was guna when i got home but i was sooo out of it i couldn't.but ah people just piss me off soo much sometimes. and sometimes i just need to have a freaking SFAA!!i just lets it alll out. and i hated it when my like big brother figure was being soo mean to me and of course i listened to him and all the mean stuff he said to me.even thou i shouldn't of i just made me cry like off and on the rest of the day. grrrr but ah peace out i cant do this i need to move on.
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