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We started learning about Christianity in history
Everything was going fine we were learning aobut the history of it and the lunch bell rang
kelly blackburn,allyson t.,kathrine h.,and alyssa started getting pretty angry...
Kelly told devon she was going 2 hell heres their convo:
Kelly:Your going to hell
Devon:I cant go 2 some place I dont believe in
Kelly:Oh bullshit *you cant go 2 someplace u dont believe in*-in a making fun of voice
Kelly needs 2 not yell at people for what they believe just cuz they dont believe what she does...
Im pretty sure I heard her say atheists were going 2 hell..u cant tell an atheist they are going 2 heaven/hell cuz they dont believe...
Just becuz som1 duznt have the same view on religion as u doesnt mean u have 2 get all bitchy about it..
Kelly said some rude comments so Andrew said 'If jesus was a god why did he die'..(hes Jewish) and kelly got really mad about that
also she got mad at Cameron for saying sumtin but I forget wut it was
she needs 2 give up on trying 2 tell people their beliefs are wrong
I dont see her going up 2 a Hindu and saying UR GOING 2 HELL or something like along the lines of Christian beliefs....

If u were wondering im Agnostic/atheist I dont think we have proof of god/dont believe he is there at all...I am see-sawing between the two different types of non-believing...

but i think if i wuda said 'satan is my god' at lunch they wuda gone INSANE!!!!oh it wud have been funny
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