Amanda (fireypitsofhell) wrote in ventingisfun,

no1s posted in a I will!

Crutches...the new fad..

If u break a leg..u use crutches..

If u pull a muscle..u walk it off and stretch it out..

Kelly Blackburn is one of those freaks who craves attention from she was on crutches yesterday tryin 2 get camerons attention...pah

She pulled a muscle and cudnt walk! I watched her walk perfectly fine!

Now that she tightened her muscle up more, she will suck anus at her dance recital...ha i laugh at her and all her paleness

I hope she dies and saves me the trouble of killing her...

She is so annoying/ugly/stupid/pale...

Her face is like a pig and so fat and shes! she wears pale clothes!!!!pale on pale... go die
i seriously hate her...seriously..shes annoying/her breath smells/her voice is stupid/shes pale/shes pretty flat/her butt is stupid/shes just her

and I hope she dies soon and we will all rejoice..happily...very happily
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