Amanda (fireypitsofhell) wrote in ventingisfun,

my dumb coach

ok I made the JV soccer team and everything..I really like it so far..but see Im also on a travel team outside of school..
Yesterday I had high school practice at 12-2..THan I had a soccer game from 6:15-7

After the game our coach was like bitching at us majorly..He said we needed 2 come 2 more practices..ONLY 2 WEEKS TILL TOURNAMENT LADIES! Thursday practice is manditory...hey GENIOUS people that made DHS soccer wont be there we have a scrimmage.........

Hes so stupid...he duznt understand that we have high school soccer which is more important than his team..he also duznt understand that we have loads of homework to do...

Soccer is NOT my life...On thursdays I will have to go to 2 yea where do I have time to do homework there...nowhere

now on the topic of homework..why are we getting so much lately..
I have a history paper(5 pgs.),a health paper(2 pgs.), I always have a crap load of english stuff, a science project, ANOTHER history project, a science test, a history test, and a math test......

we arent in f'ing college......I dont have all the time in the world to do all that stupid crap they assign..but if I dont do it my grade goes down n than I cudnt play soccer ne more...

I hate school with a passion
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I know! They give us so much work, Shicks and his AP work. We're frikkin' honors loser, we don't want AP work!

I understand about soccer, teacher/coaches/other can be such dumbasses sometimes...