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no1 has written in here in the longest time...I think its time I do

Today in gym we ran that 3 mile was 90 degrees outside but the humidity made it 105!!!!AND WE WERE RUNNING THREE MILES IN LESS THAN 35 MINUTES!
Yea they gave us water wenver we needed it..but it wasnt enough
I overheated and felt really sick and threw up a little in my mouth...i cud hardly head still hurts..
You dont make people go from an air conditioned school to running in 105 degree weather...
at my moms work today someone passed out outside for the same reason..she was inside all day and than went outside for a walk and passed out from the heat
If someone would have passed out....
I hate them
all of them
they are so stupid..what happened to the well-being of your students!!!!Um obviously you dont care if ur gunna make them run in 105 degree weather!

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