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......tonight i talked/saw my dad for the first time since um wednesday i think it was and he tryin 2be all joking n stuff bout me gettin the game ball n then next thing u no were fighting like usually and we've been really good latly like not fights bout stuff[mostly softball,since i quit] and since hes cut bak alot on smoking n NEW JOB!n all the good things theres no need to fight,but it was just to good to be true i guess and it all leads to other things

like no fighting w/my parents has been good i dont no about you guys but i've had a good week!!..which isn't common for me i dont usually have good weeks i dont i dont no why!but i mean for this week grades havn't been an issue which makes me smile,also my friends have cut down alot on the hey-lets-make-fun-of-sam-so-she-can-feel-like-shit-but-hey-doesn't-she-know-were-just-kiding!,and my parents have been good me n my mom are talking alot[even thou shes not gettin any info she wants] n my dad well i havn't seen him alot for it 2be bad same with my ya but um everything changes in a moment....

i swear the second i got home today people were bitching at me for something i did...i can't take it i tell you and they wonder why i always go out for a long times TO GET AWAY FROM HERE!!!ahhhh..ok well that was deffinitly my stress reliever speech.stay tone till next time

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